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Kristine Global Health Officer


Volunteer Name: Kristine Caiafa
Background: Registered Dietitian
Title: GHO Gender Program Coordinator
Sector: Food & Agriculture
Projects: FAA &  Gender Programming
Achievements: Successfully Completed Phase 3




WAMM'S approach to development is innovative and immersive. I wanted to be involved in work creating an actual impact in local West African communities.

About Me


During my undergraduate experience at the University of Maryland I was involved with my campus's Engineers Without Borders group, where I developed a passion for nutrition development. Together with teams of students, we designed and implemented engineering development solutions in Burkina Faso, Peru, and Brazil. In my spare time I volunteered with an organization addressing national hunger issues and worked as a peer mentor. After graduating, I started on the track to become a Registered Dietitian, completing supervised practice requirements in clinical and community settings.




What i Did




  • Gender Programming


  • Solar Panel Installation


  • Food Access Assessment


  • Database Management


  • YSSL




  • Sammie Town


  • Engineers Without Borders & Madieu Williams Foundation


  • World Food Program




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Biggest Accomplishment

Sammie Town Food Access Assessment


We found that in Sammie Town, 64% of the people are food insecure, and 4% of people are severly food insecure. With household hunger at moderate and severe levels.


Read The Paper & The Protocol

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of population living below poverty line in SL



poverty line for SL


Data from Republic of Sierra Leone - Agenda for Change: Second Poverty Reduction Strategy