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Global Health Officers

Global Health Officers


Global Health Officers act as team leaders for the organization and are given a particular sector to manage throughout their time in-country. As a GHO you are given a title based on the sector(s) you chose to be involved in. In 2012 we had GHO's in charge of the Education, Field & Research, Media & Communication, Gender Programing and Policy sectors.


As a GHO you are responsible for providing guidance, instruction, direction and professionalism to your sector(s). GHO's report to In-Country Administrative staff bi-weekly with situation reports, monitor qualitative and quantitative results of the projects within your sector(s) and you can also expect to serve as the point of contact for the sector(s) you manage. This position is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and be afforded a deeper insight into how West African Medical Missions operates within communities. If you’re looking for leadership experience to strengthen a resume or build confidence, this is it.


Who Should Apply: Researchers, Graduate Students, Pre-Med Juniors & Seniors and College Graduates


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