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Matt Global Health Officer

Volunteer Name: Matt Krueger
Background: US Marines & Athletic Trainer
WAMM Title: GHO Policy Director
Sector: Policy
Projects: Sports Medicine Seminar & Gender Programming
Achievements: Facilitated Biggest Impact In An Emerging Area




I chose to volunteer with WAMM because I wanted to work with a population more in need, and to have a rewarding experience while doing so. As an athletic trainer I was used to working with privileged populations who already had all their healthcare needs met. Looking for a bigger challenge, I decided to apply my skills as an athletic trainer to a population in need.

About Me



My military experience really set the tone for wanting to work at a global level in a health related field. During patrols in Iraq, I had the opportunity to ask Iraqis about their living situations. I asked how their drinking water was, if they needed medications, or if there was anything we could do to help. This however was not the way I wanted to help people in a career because I had no say in how we were able to help them. So after my four years in the military, I chose to obtain an undergraduate degree in athletic training. I was drawn towards the immediate level of healthcare interaction I could have with people at the undergraduate level. I was able to work with athletes of all ages on the ground and in the clinic providing immediate care to injuries along with injury evaluation and rehabilitation.

What i Did





  • Gender Clubs
  • YSSL
  • Mental Health COI
  • Sports Medicine Seminar
  • Phase 3 Policy Admin





  • Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender & Child Affairs
  • Ministry of Health & Sanitation
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Science & Technology Council
  • National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT)





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Biggest Accomplishment

Facilitating A Sports Medicine Seminar


I went to Sierra Leone to get away from athletics, but in retrospect I'm extremely glad for the opportunity to organize a sports medicine seminar. There were more than 40 people in attendance, including coaches, athletes, students, and representatives from the Ministry of Youth & Sports.


people in Sierra Leone suffered from a mental disorder in the past year



Is the treatment gap for those defined do have severe mental disorders in Sierra Leone.