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WAMM Executive Team

Frank A. Bio: Country Director

I’m highly interested in improving the health of Sierra Leone by bridging the health access gap that exists between the poor and the rich in our country. I strongly believe that through public health interventions and strong advocacy, the health condition of people can be improved drastically. 

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Baindu Conteh - Finance Officer

I am interested in improving the health delivery process time at clinics in Sierra Leone because as a whole you are often exposed to an increasing number of diseases while waiting to receive care. I want improve WAMM’s ability to be effective at addressing health issues and establishing their presence in other parts of Africa.

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Ibrahim Koroma: Human Resource Officer

I’m interested in improving the health of Sierra Leone because Sierra Leone as a country needs a better economy, and this cannot be achieved without good health. I’ve watched WAMM transform communities through sensitization and community dialogue which resulted in diverse community leaders immediately referring sick people to health centers instead of seeking local traditional non-medical treatments. I want WAMM to be the organisation to copy from and grow to implement continental projects.

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Abdulai Kamara: Public Relations Officer

I am passionate about diminishing the gap marginalized and underrepresented individual’s face when accessing health care in their communities.  I want WAMM to exist as a catalyst in the cultivation of young leaders to strengthen existing efforts and directives set-forth by local Governments, NGOs, and private sector whose focus is improving the health, education and social welfare of West Africa.

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Alie Thullah: Program Officer

My greatest desire is to become an international health activist to help improve the health sector in my country. With WAMM I have been leading health sensitizations, community surveys, health research and teaching students to learn science through medicine. I am also looking forward to growing WAMM to become one of the most effective health minded organization in West Africa.

Board of Directors

WAMM is a certified 501.c.3 non-profit organization in the United States. Operations concerned with our activities in the United States are currently managed by our Board of Directors.

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Dan Kelly, M.D., M.P.H

While in Sierra Leone during 2006, a local doctor and Dan were inspired to start Wellbody Alliance, a health and human rights non-profit organization that provided high-quality healthcare to the poor in Kono. He’s led multiple frontiers of work, ranging from Ebola care to clinical trials of revolutionary innovative Ebola diagnostics while integrating Wellbody Alliance into Partners In Health. He’s currently investigating minimally symptomatic Ebola virus infection in collaboration with Partners In Health and NIH/PREVAIL.

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Lina Moses, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

I have worked in Sierra Leone since 2009, conducting public health research on Lassa fever and other zoonotic diseases. I was introduced to WAMM’s work in Sierra Leone over five years ago and have worked with students in Kenema on Lassa fever community education. I’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of WAMM’s grassroots approach, engaging and empowering youth in science, health and community activism. 

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Andrew York, J.D., Pharm. D.


"As a public health-minded pharmacist, I am eager to contribute my expertise, experience, and philanthropic fervor to the mission of WAMM Inc. I have extensive training and experience in public health policy and health care delivery that I can use to contribute to WAMM Inc’s mission of expanding the health capacity West Africa."

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Mathew Vicknair, M.P.P., B.A., B.S.

Why is there a need for a shift in the global health paradigm?

"There is a need for a shift in the global health paradigm because the current methods of dealing with global health are not effective in either their application or their costs. Rwanda reached its MDG and was still one of the lowest spending per capita on healthcare. The new paradigm offers better results faster and cheaper, which is the ultimate goal, as we have both a moral and economic obligation towards the welfare of people."

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Michelle Pernice, Pharm. D.

"The mission of WAMM is aligned with my professional goals to harness the existing healthcare capabilities of communities within African countries and match them with private sector opportunities to produce innovative solutions to immense medical demands. My in-depth knowledge in global drug development will also offer specific insights along the path to achieving a shift in the paradigm of global health."

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Michael Drasher, B.S.

Based out of West Africa I am fortunate to be in regular contact with WAMM-SL to keep abreast with their evolving operations. In addition to residing in Sierra Leone for the past 2 years I spent over 3 months touring Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Cote d’Ivoire drawing upon my Anthropology background to greater my understanding of the political economy and health systems of the region.

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Virginia Johnson, M.P.H., B.S.

"My aspiration is to work as an international doctor, particularly in public health, and develop programs that improve health care worldwide. I am very excited to be an admitted student of the University of Minnesota’s MPH Program in Maternal and Child Health program. I look forward to being a part of a network of people that share my passion for public health."

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Charis Folkerts, B.S.N.

In 2010, Charis joined the Young Scholars Program and volunteered in the HIV clinic at Connaught Hospital with WAMM’s first Global Health Volunteer cohort in Sierra Leone. Charis currently works as the Clinic Supervisor at the Salvation Army Harbor Light Shelter in Minneapolis, MN.

“I want WAMM to become a catalyst for improved health outcomes in Sierra Leone by nurturing the next generation of thinkers and leaders who will envision a new model of quality health care which is everybody’s human right.” 

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Gabriel Warren Schlough, B.S.

Gabriel is passionately curious about the epistemologies of global health.  He seeks adventure at every turn and has a heart with a passion to serve those most in need. His dream is to see WAMM Shift the Paradigm of Global Health