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Non Communicable Disease - Mental Health: COI

Mental Health COI: Tengbeh Town

Mental health is an issue of vital importance in the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Trauma related to the country’s 11-year civil war (1991-2002) is a leading cause of mental illness in this setting; however, there is only one government psychiatric hospital—Kissy Psychiatric Hospital—and one psychiatric doctor to service the entire nation. Mental illnesses are widely believed to be incurable, and many people suffering from mental illnesses are marginalized.
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 Initial suggestions for addressing mental health illiteracy were proposed in a brainstorming session undertaken by WAMM members. Some of the suggestions included:

  • A house-to-house sensitization campaign
  • Building the community of Tengbeh Town a health centre
  • Bringing together all those suffering from mental illness and taking them to the Kissy Mental Hospital for clinical care and assistance