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Infectious Disease - Cholera: COI

COI: Infectious Disease

During the cholera epidemic that swept across West Africa during the summer of 2012, the slum communities of Freetown suffered greatly. The infectious disease COI Team worked to create a project to address the cholera epidemic in Freetown. 

We used a demographic and health literacy survey to understand the health needs of the Kroo Bay community. We found the majority of Kroo Bay members lack knowledge on healthy hygiene related to the high rate of illiteracy. We also found their is a high rate of teenage pregnancy and children are not properly taken care of. We observed that infectious diseases like cholera, malaria, and the common cold are rampant in the community. Community members should take part in their well-being, so they can live a healthy life. Ultimately, national stakeholders have the power to make changes that can improve the health standard of the Kroo Bay community.