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Matt 2012 GHO Blog

Matt K '12 Global Health Policy Officer

Notes From the Field

Week 2-3

07/14/2013, 11:00pm CDT
By Matt Kruegar

My second and third week here with WAMM have been really busy. So busy in fact that I forgot to write a week two blog. We started teaching YSSL, which I feel has really went well. I can tell already that I am getting more comfortable teaching the kids, and they are starting to open up to us. I am told that the attendance this year is down from previous years, but that is alright with me. I would rather teach a few kids that really want to learn, than a whole bunch who couldn't care less. I am also leading the Boy's club, and I feel that is going just as well if not better. I think that the less formal environment makes it a lot easier for the kids to open up to us and to ask questions. I am amazed at the amount of knowledge that these kids learn at a young age as far as health and science. At the same time I am not so amazed about there knowledge on some gender issues we are talking about.

            I have also started going with Gabe and Frank to some of the ministries to talk about projects that we are doing or ones that we want to start with them. So far I have gone to the ministries of Social Welfare, Health and Sanitation, and NASSIT. Hopefully this week I will start going out on myself to some of these ministries to drop off some paper work for them. Mr. Korbol at NASSIT is also hopefully helping me get involved with a project at the minitry of youth and sports since my background is sports medicine. Im looking forward to that, so hopefully that gets followed through with.