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Miata Global Health Volunteer



Volunteer Name: Miata Koroma

Background: BSN Nursing

Title: Diaspora GHV

Sector: Clinical Strengthening

Projects: Nursing Student Exchange

Achievements: Project Efficiency Specialist





I have volunteered with different international NGO’s in the past that I believe are great, but the goals of West African Medical Missions are better suited and more compatible with my individual goals as a volunteer. In addition, as a Sierra Leonean, I believe WAMM has dramatically improved the educational, healthcare, and community infrastructures of the country.


 About Me



I’m a nurse with a Bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland. I was born in Sierra Leone and migrated to the United States with an asylum visa during the civil war. I basically went through elementary, middle, and high school in the states. I volunteered in healthcare fields during those years, and decided to enter college as business management and nursing major. During college, I took great interest in global health and through opportunities provided by my fabulous University of Maryland, students got the opportunity to travel to different countries to provide healthcare teachings and services.






What I Did






  • Volunteer Project Assessment
  • Nursing Student Exchange
  • YSSL






  • College of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS)
  • University of Maryland School of Nursing






Miata's Flickr


Biggest Accomplishment:

Creating UMD USL Partnership & MOU


I’m grateful that I was able to create a proposal and formulate a Memorandum of Understanding for the international nursing student exchange program between the University of Maryland School of Nursing Department for Global Health & the University of Sierra Leone's School of Nursing. It felt great to have my program proposal documents reviewed and approved by the Dean and Consulate of COMAHS.



Global Health Certificate Program

This 12-credit sequence of courses is designed to prepare nurses and other professional students for careers as leaders in global health in their roles as clinician, researcher, educator, administrator, organizer, advocate, and change agents.

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