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Executive Summary

Health Operations: There are (3) basic titles international volunteers can hold throughout their journey with WAMM: Global Health Volunteer (GHV), Global Health Officer (GHO), and Global Heath Director (GHD). Based on your time commitment and desired experience, you can apply to be any one of the above titles.

Deepening Our Sense of Humanity

"Globalization should not just widen connections – it must deepen our sense of humanity, especially at a time of economic crisis, when hatred is fueled by injustice and magnified by ignorance."

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

Global Health Volunteer (GHV) 2 - 8 weeks

The title of a GHV broadly applies to anyone traveling internationally with West African Medical Missions. GHVs are the backbone of our operations abroad and can be clinical professionals, students or anyone with a passion to serve. We are always open to ideas and insights on how your unique background can add to our organization’s effectiveness. We strive to create multidisciplinary teams for all our projects and we are always utilizing the strengths of our volunteer personnel to innovate new approaches. WAMM is seeking motivated individuals who share our passion to serve.


Who Should Apply: Physicians, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals & Professional Healthcare Students, Undergraduates, Non-Health Professionals and those with a passion to serve.


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Global Health Officer (GHO) 10 weeks


Global Health Officers act as team leaders for the organization and are given a particular sector to manage throughout their time in-country. As a GHO you are given a title based on the sector(s) you chose to be involved in. In 2012 we had GHO's in charge of the Education, Field & Research, Media & Communication, Gender Programing and Policy sectors.


As a GHO you are responsible for providing guidance, instruction, direction and professionalism to your sector(s). GHO's report to In-Country Administrative staff bi-weekly with situation reports, monitor qualitative and quantitative results of the projects within your sector(s) and you can also expect to serve as the point of contact for the sector(s) you manage. This position is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and be afforded a deeper insight into how West African Medical Missions operates within communities. If you’re looking for leadership experience to strengthen a resume or build confidence, this is it.


Who Should Apply: Researchers, Graduate Students, Pre-Med Juniors & Seniors and College Graduates


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Global Health Director (GHD) 14 weeks


Applicants for this position must have a minimum academic background of an undergraduate degree or be at least 24 years old. GHDs act as Program Coordinators for the duration of WAMM's summer programing. They are responsible for managing a diversified team of local and international personnel under the direction of WAMM’s Administrative Staff. Need management experience that sets you apart from the pack, this is it.


Who Should Apply: MBA's, College Graduates with a Management focus, MPA's, MPH's and people interested in going into a career in health systems management.


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