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Alumni Testimonial

12/27/2016, 11:15am CST
By Angella Sankoh

'16 College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences: Registered Nurse

Angella Sankoh '10

To start with, I joined WAMM in 2010 because all of its activities were related to health science. At that time, I was planning to enter college to study Science and WAMM really gave me mentorship to get there. All thanks to West African Medical Missions, I've been empowered in my medical studies. In 2012-2013 WAMM  helped me with a scholarship to go through a software engineering computer course that has benefited me greatly. I'm going to grow WAMM to become one of the Biggest organizations in Sierra Leone engaging health issues in the country. 

Mathew Sulaiman 10'

I first joined WAMM in 2010 and was among the first group of young scholars to be trained in Sierra Leone. This was because WAMM was offering classes on health related issues and also sessions that were aimed at improving or strengthening our background in the sciences, especially chemistry and biology. WAMM has been a great influence in helping me to get to where I am because as a nurse, I have to work with different kinds of people and WAMM helped me do so through group works, research works with communities, and also working with schools throughout the years on the young scholars program. Most importantly, being with the WAMM family motivated me greatly to pursue my calling in the medical field. As the mission of WAMM is "Strengthening health capabilities through community empowerment", I envision. WAMM to become a very sound organization, involved in research on health related constraints affecting communities, not only in Sierra Leone, but in most of or all of West Africa, bringing these issues to appropriate authorities for actions to be taken. Also, I envision WAMM as a health advocate organization for communities, especially the underprivileged ones.

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