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WAMM-SL Alumni: Daniel Breece Editor in Chief,

12/13/2016, 1:30pm CST
By Jen May Pastores



Featured Guestagrammer: Daniel Breece

Momenta welcomes featured guestagrammer,
Daniel Breece!


Age: 37

Current job: Editor in chief,

Current location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Connection to Momenta: Workshop Alumni, Sierra Leone 2015

© Copyright Daniel Breece / Momenta Workshops

Tell us about your journey as an image-maker and how you got to where you are today.

For starters, my grandfather was a photographer back in the golden days in the fifties-sixties. Guess that left some kind of genetic mark. During my high-school years me and some friends picked up photography, learning the manual and analogue way. Later on I picked up journalism and since 10 years back photography has been part of my professional life. This has given me the opportunity to evolve (i hope..) and push some things forward.

© Copyright Daniel Breece / Momenta Workshops

What stories or issues are you most passionate about covering?

In “global reporting” I believe we are subjected to two somewhat opposite visions of the world. On one hand, chaos and catastrophe, on the other hand glossy travelpieces that I have named traveltisement (from travel + advertisement) One speaks of some kind of evil, the other wants to sell something to you. Both have their raison d’etre that I take part in by contributing to both. But I also believe that this leads to a partly thwarted apprehension of this shared planet and common ground. So in reality I guess the world really is somewhere in between. Keen to explore this space and how to report on this.

© Copyright Daniel Breece/ Momenta Workshops

Where do you look for inspiration for your work: books, movies, authors, photographers, art, certain people?

I’m gonna go down the cliche road here, off course there are several photographers and artist that inspire me. But I find inspiration in a more general sense by experiencing the world and its diversity. And in nature…

© Copyright Daniel Breece/ Momenta Workshops

What social media or news feeds do you follow regularly? 

Quite diverse, but mainly Swedish stuff and currently given my job a lot of focus on adventure and outdoors.

© Copyright Daniel Breece / Momenta Workshops

What is one passion you have outside of photography that might come as a surprise to our readers?

Pretty sure it ain’t no surprise but way big on basically all outdoor sports and kicking endorphins (No, not dolphins) I’m basically addicted to riding bikes (just realised I picked this habit up simultaneously with photography…)

What can we expect to see from your “guestagramming” on our Momenta Instagram account?

I will mainly be sharing my work from the fantastic Sierra Leone workshop that I attended last fall. Hopefully I get you an inch closer to the fantastic people of this country. Maybe there will be a day devoted to one or two other places where I worked and perhaps even a day of adventure.

#seizethemomenta, and follow @momentaworkshops on Instagram  to see Daniel’s work

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Jen May Pastores

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