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Week 5-6 Blog

07/14/2013, 11:00pm CDT
By Matt Kruegar

It seems that the longer I am here, the more busy that I get. Not only was I in charge of the lesson  planning this week, but I also had a lot of meetings with the ministries. I had written letters to the Ministry of Education, the National Science and Technology Council, and The Ministry of Youth and Sports requesting meetings a couple weeks ago, and followed up with them last week. Thankfully I was able to arrange meetings with the Permanent secretary of education, the Executive Director of the Science and technology council, and the Director of Youth and Sports. All of these meetings went really well. The Science and Technology council was really interested in working with us, and we got a Sports Medicine seminar in the works with the ministry of Youth and Sports. To my knowledge we have never had a meeting with a Permanent Secretary before, so that was not only an accomplishment for myself, but also WAMM. YSSL is going well, and we are going into your last week of teaching before COIs start. Hopefully this week will continue to go well. Finally all of the GHVs were able to go to Sammie Town in the mountains to do a food security survey for a research project that Kristine is working with some students on.

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