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World Malaria Report 2013

A look at current conditions and actions being taken to combat Malaria by the World Health Organization. It highlights the potential risks and problems involved with these actions. 


The Sierra Leone Mental Health Policy

The official policy of the Republic of Sierra Leone on mental health. The policy outlines the approach to mental health and where it plans to take action in terms of policy. 

Health Systems in Africa

The World Health Organization conducted a multiple country report on the quality and effectiveness of healthcare in Africa. The conclusions drawn in this report highlight the necessary measures to improve the health care system in Africa. 

Basic Package of Essential Health Services for Sierra Leone

Describes the Basic Package of Essential Health Services program, which attempts to provide health care to women and children. The plan provides free care to pregnant women and children under five.  

National Health Sector Strategic Plan

The five year plan from the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone highlights the six pillars of health care. The report details the National Health Sector Strategic Plan, including methodology, governance and budgeting of the plan. 

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in Sierra Leone 2011

The report by the World Food Program highlights the difficulties in securing a stable food supply and preventing malnutrition in Sierra Leone. The document provides graphics on the nature of nutrition in the country. 

Achieving Sustainable Health Achieving Sustainable Health Development in the African Region

The World Health Organization's report on sustainable healthcare in Africa for 2010-2015. The report summarizes the initiatives that need be taken to achieve sustainability.

Technical Guidelines for Intergrated Disease Surveillance and Response

Explains Sierra Leone's preventative measures for diseases and the process taken in the case of diseases. 

The Agenda for Change from the Republic of Sierra Leone

The document is part of the second poverty reduction strategy from 2008 to 2012. It shows the principle efforts and goals to reduce poverty in Sierra Leone and the priorities to make this effort successful. 

Progress Report on the Implementation of Program of Action

The document gives an overview on the status of the action within the 2001 program of action. It lists the future commitments of the government following 2006. 

The 2004 Population and Housing census for Sierra Leone.

The study shows the population distribution based on regions of the Sierra Leone.  Distributed by Statistics Sierra Leone.